Tank + Bella Jones

Luke isn’t the only Bulldog with NextHome! Tank and Bella are our favorite workers at NextHome Real Estate Place. Luke-Small-Web

Tank 3

Tank, an English Bulldog is one our best negotiators. While he does not use his high level negotiation skills to represent clients in their home purchases, he does roll those skills out to ensure all white bulldogs who work for the company are given copious amounts of table food, have an 8 minute work day with liberal breaks for sleep and potty breaks in the backyard. Don’t let that blank stare fool you, Tank is a deep thinker and has single handedly solved the pressing issues of rainbows, clouds and unicorns. There is no shame in this charming gents game when it comes to lack of pigment. This man’s man and hit with the women is not short of charm or fans and even has his own Facebook page – just click on his picture to visit his Facebook. Obviously, he doesn’t spend as much time on it as he did before he retired, but he does still post because he knows we are all anxiously awaiting his next “share”.

Bella Jones2

Bella, a French Bulldog, is quite the opposite. She is a work horse who is only too happy to escort all visitors and residents to the bathroom, kitchen, office, dining room, sofa, patio, closet, corner, garage, laundry room, guest room, driveway, yard, bath tub or anywhere else they may want to visit. She is on the J-O-B and will ensure you are behind her and displaying the proper energy level and enthusiasm for your walk to where ever. When not busy chasing and eating lizards, this super model enjoys walks on the sofa and moonlight strolls into her dog run to bark at the window to be let right back in.  She is an avid breather and practices it whenever she thinks about it, slowly mastering the art of breathing without grunting. Though she is professionally knows as Bella Jones, those that know and love her refer to her as Batpig, Grunt, Snort and Pig Pig.

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