Using a Buyers’ Agent is Free!

Using a Buyer’s Agent doesn’t cost you anything.

  • The Seller pays for this service and the price has already been pre-negotiated with his Agent.
  • If you don’t have an Agent representing you, the Seller’s Agent keeps the entire commission and you are not represented.
  • If you use a Buyer’s Agent, the Seller’s Agent splits their commission with your Agent and your agent represents your interests.
  • The fee is going to be paid out either way, so there is no savings to the Seller or to yourself, if you are unrepresented.

The Seller’s Agent does not represent you.

If you make an offer on a home without a Buyer’s Agent representing you…

  • The Seller’s Agent is representing the Seller & negotiating on behalf of the Seller.
  • The Seller’s Agent may not share certain information with you.

If you make an offer on a home with a Buyer’s Agent representing you…

  • By using a Buyer’s Agent, you are entitled to certain information, as well as their experience and opinion.
  • Your Buyer’s Agent represents you and will help you negotiate the best deal possible.

Buyers Agent Services

  • Create an MLS automated email to send you homes that fit your criteria;
  • Take you to tour the homes you are interested in seeing;
  • Recommend a good Mortgage Lender;
  • Provide a Comparative Market Analysis with market data to determine a fair purchase price;
  • Draft a strong offer;
  • Help you negotiate your offer;
  • Guide you through the inspection process;
  • Remind you of important dates, such as option period expiration, closing dates, amendment dates, etc.;
  • Work with the title company and you lender to ensure all documents and funding are in place to get you to the closing table.